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While a roof may not last you a lifetime, you will need to replace it at least after twenty years. You will need to contact a qualified rooking contractor to examine the current standing of your roof system and assess if you are due for a roof replacement. In this guide, we will discuss a few factors that go into roof replacement.


Here’s what you should know about replacing your roof.

Schedule a Consultation

Before you make your decision as to whether or not you need to replace your roof, be sure to contact an expert roof service company with a great reputation. The roofing contractor will assess a variety of factors that go into the decision of whether you should replace your roof or not.

Visual Appearance of the Roof

The roofing contractor will first take a better look at the appearance of the roof. They will examine the foundation and overall system to determine whether there any damage due to the weather. Contractors may even follow a wind test to ensure that the roof is still in great condition. If the results are negative, you will then be advised to replace the roof. The contractor will also check if any damage is caused to the interior such as watermarks. If there is any damage to the exterior, it is important to look for proof such as punctures, leaks, holes, etc.

Overall Condition of the Roof’s Foundation

If there is a major sign of damage to the roof deck, you will be advised to replace the roof. Having a high amount of moisture growing on the roof might be due to the relations of mold growth. Once any mold is found on the deck of the roof, you will definitely need to get it remodel as soon as possible.

Water Leakage

If you have previously noticed any signs of water leakage, you should be able to let your contractor know and inspect the area to find out if any signs of moisture are inside the roof. Once high amounts of moisture are found, then you will need to replace your roof immediately.

When planning to replace your roof, you will need to make sure to get enough research and choose the best roofing materials for your home. Be sure to not choose for cheap options, as they will likely reveal the poor quality of the roofing material. Ensure that the roofing material is durable. While it can be a bit expensive, high-quality roof material will benefit your home in the long run

Having a sturdy roof for your home will make all the difference in how you can protect your home from harsh weather disasters. The lifespan of the roof is influenced by the durability and safety as your home must have a reliable roof. You will find various materials for roofs on the market today as many are reduced in cost and high in demand. Roof tiles are what combines aesthetic and function to set the style of the home. When buying a particular roof tile, be sure to understand the various options for your next roof renovation.

Here are 4 types of roofing materials to consider for your next roof restoration.


Composite Tiles

This new roofing material is widely used in newly built homes due to its multi-layer structure. Composite tiles are 0.5mm thick steel sheets that are coated with zinc and aluminum. One surface provides an acrylic polymer and stone chippings. Due to the coating, the tiles appear better. The acrylic also helps protect the tiles from corrosion when the primer is applied inside.


Ceramic Tiles

Used for stone, brick, and wooden homes, ceramic tiles are made from various forms of clay. The clay is mixed with various proportions as they go through various heat processing. It helps to also gain the same density and color in uniform appearance. You can apply a special coating as well for added volume. However, this will not add to additional protection. Ceramic tiles are available in flat, undulating, and grooved form as they are also fireproof. This means they won’t degrade after being exposed to harsh weather conditions and high heat for long periods.


Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are made of cement mortar – which is sand, cement, and water. With just three components, you can build a sturdy tile that’s ready to use. Concrete tiles are dried in special chambers with a repeated process. It takes a little over a month for the tiles to mature as the iron oxide added a colored pigment to the process of making the concrete tiles. As durable and resistant as concrete tiles may be, they don’t have any adverse health effects and are considered as an eco-friendly material.


Metal Tiles

Metal tiles work great for any weather condition. They are able to quickly adapt to various temperatures, as metal tiles look natural and traditional. From the outside, metal tiles reveal a decorative painting while the other side works as a protective layer. These type of tiles are made with a wavy surface, scales, and more.

No matter the material of the tile, it is important to choose the best option that will keep your home protected and last longer than 20 years. Be sure to inspect the roof installation and check for any leaks or cracks. When you notice any issues with the roof, be sure to fix the problem immediately.



Most roofing companies in Melbourne claim to be the best roofing service in the country. However, you will need to dig deeper into the services to find out who is good with a great reputation. Be sure to look for certain details as only quality roofing companies are experienced and certified to provide service.


Here’s how to find the best roofing service for your roof restoration.

Warranty Guaranteed

Look for a roofing service that can provide a long-term warranty for their service. If the roofing company can only promise a short warranty, take it as a red sign that they might fail or the service will be of poor quality. In fact, some contractors may not even provide any source of warranty to their clients. Keep in mind that while they may provide a great deal for the price of the service if the contract installs the roof poorly, it might take longer to restore the roof and even end up costing you more than the first estimate.

Once more, choose a roofing contractor that will give you the maximum amount of workmanship warranty. Companies that offer this will have a higher tendency to produce quality results for your roof service.

Proper License to Serve

Roofing companies should be able to provide you with a copy of their license and insurance of the company. The contractor must provide insurance according to law, for each and every employee and subcontractor they send to their clients. Be sure to check their license for validation.

Determine Their Behavior

Before you set a date to get started on the task, be sure to have a first consultation appointment to get a feel for their behavior and attitude towards the job. This will let you know how they work and show you their communication skills. You will even get an insider look at their personality. The roofer will be spending time in your home. Therefore, it is important that you hire someone who you can discuss important issues with and get along just as well.

Local referrals

Choose a roofing service that is located within your local area. These contractors will have a better idea of the local rules and regulations as well as know the type of weather conditions you may face. Roofing services in your area will also great a great relationship with local suppliers and prompt for a better deal in materials.

Consider these factors when looking for the best roofing service for your roof restoration. Don’t make any hasty decisions as you will need to install a new roof right, the first time. Be sure to take time and make the best decisions on the roofing services.


Once you notice that your roof is leaking or the shingles about to fall off, now’s the time to replace your roof. However, you cannot just hire anyone to do the job, that is if you want the job to get done right! Hiring a quality roofing contractor isn’t hard to find when you know where to look and what questions to ask.


Here are 5 questions to ask your potential roofing contractor.

Do you have a license?

Most states require that roof professionals have a license to work legally. Without it, you can’t be ensured that the job will be completed to the best of quality. You must check their license and see if it is valid. You can also look online to see their credentials. Otherwise, you can ask for a copy of their license to verify its authority.

Does your company come with insurance?

The roofing contractor will need to show two forms of insurances. One type of insurance includes the workman’s compensation insurance, while the other insurance is the general liability. This is protection when the worker gets injured during a job on your property. Without it, you might have to end up contributing to the medical bill. The general liability insurance will cover your property. In any case, where there is any damage to your home, this insurance will cover you at the client.

Does your company provide a warranty for roofing services?

Without a warranty, the homeowner will be forced to deal with the damage if anything was to go wrong. Most roofing contractors provide at least ten years of workmanship warranties. Others will even provide manufacturer’s material warranty to be included in the fee.

Can you provide some references to contact?

Ask your contractor for a list of references they can talk to before you hire them. Call people who are included in the list of references and find out about their services and the experience they have with the roofing contractor. Be sure to ask previous clients whether the work was satisfactory or not. You can also discuss any concerns or if they experienced any problems with the contractor.

Can I have the estimate in writing?

The contractor should be able to provide a written estimate on the roof and what was agreed upon. You must ensure that you have all the details included such as the starting date, end date, and procedure of payment. You can ask for a list of the items that need to be used and what services need to be done. This should include the number of materials, quantity, cost of materials etc. This will help guide you in understanding the total cost of the task for your roof services and prepare your budget ahead of time.

So, the next time you need to hire a roofing contractor for your home service needs, make sure to ask these 5 questions. They should be able to answer all your questions with ease. If not, then it is time to look elsewhere.



Are you looking to renovate your roof? Do you have the budget to remodel the entire roofing system? Then choosing asphalt-roofing shingles will make the best option for your roof. Asphalt shingles are attractive and won’t cost more than the average roof tile. While they are not long lasting as many other options in roofing materials like metal, cedar, shakes, slates, clay, etc.; asphalt shingles provide quality protection as a great alternative to expensive materials.


Here are 5 benefits to choosing asphalt shingles for your roof.

Great Options in Style

Asphalt shingles can be found in three styles that include tab, laminated, and premium options. Asphalt shingles can be used in contemporary or traditional style. The tab option is the least expensive one, while the laminated style provides a 3D appearance to your home. As asphalt shingles are available in various patterns, you will also find them in various colors that include red, blue, yellow, and green.

Easy to Install

Asphalt shingles may a great DIY home project as they are lightweight and can be fitted to any roof without the use of structural support. Anyone can install the shingles, as the cost of installation will be much cheaper than if you were to use metal, slate, etc.


Asphalt shingles are a low-cost option that will protect your home for up to 15 years. While they cost a fraction of other materials like tiles and metal, they may not last as long as other materials.

Withstands Harsh Weather

Asphalt shingles can withstand up to 130mph of wind. This will protect your home as asphalt roofing shingles come with fiberglass that also has the highest fire rating.

Sound Protection Options

Asphalt shingles offer sound protection to help keep external noise out. That means you will have a higher chance of getting better sleep and relax comfortably in your home.

When it comes to choosing the best budget roofing material for your home, we suggest that you asphalt shingles will be your best bet. They will not only look good but also durable and within your budget. Roofing will increase the value of the home. If you can complete the renovation at a low cost, then expect to receive a huge return once you sell the home.




Whether we like it or not – we all need to replace our roofs after a certain period. As roofs become damaged during the winter season, this condition can lead to serious risks that the roof may even collapse within hours. While repairing the roof can be expensive, you will need to consider how to avoid the high costs of roof replacements.


Regular Maintenance

First, to prevent the high costs of roof replacements, you will need to get a roofing company to visit your home and access the roof’s conditions at least every year. With regular maintenance, you can determine the condition of the roof before there are any signs of severe damage.

Remove Excess Snow When Possible

Using a rake or snow shovel, you should brush off any extra snow that will build up during the snowstorm. Be sure not to use any heavy shovels that might damage the roof and opt for something light. Removing the heavy build up will allow you to get rid of unnecessary pressure on the roof and reduce the risk of cracks and collapse.

Add More Insulation to the Attic

Examine the condition of the attic and determine if there are any signs of leakage. If so, warm air might get out and ultimately increase your energy bill. This condition will create ice dam issues as the warm air will escape through the attic and melt the snow. As it begins to melt, it will fall to the cold gutter and get frozen into ice again. Therefore, it is important to add extra insulation to the attic and not disturb the ventilation.

Be sure to maintain the overall condition of the roof during the harsh winter season as well as other weather conditions. Through regular maintenance, you will be able to prevent the major roofing issues and focus on minor repairs that will cost less than half the amount of a major roof replacement. Be sure to fix any small issues along the area and fix any signs of leakage in the roof immediately.