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Having a sturdy roof for your home will make all the difference in how you can protect your home from harsh weather disasters. The lifespan of the roof is influenced by the durability and safety as your home must have a reliable roof. You will find various materials for roofs on the market today as many are reduced in cost and high in demand. Roof tiles are what combines aesthetic and function to set the style of the home. When buying a particular roof tile, be sure to understand the various options for your next roof renovation.

Here are 4 types of roofing materials to consider for your next roof restoration.


Composite Tiles

This new roofing material is widely used in newly built homes due to its multi-layer structure. Composite tiles are 0.5mm thick steel sheets that are coated with zinc and aluminum. One surface provides an acrylic polymer and stone chippings. Due to the coating, the tiles appear better. The acrylic also helps protect the tiles from corrosion when the primer is applied inside.


Ceramic Tiles

Used for stone, brick, and wooden homes, ceramic tiles are made from various forms of clay. The clay is mixed with various proportions as they go through various heat processing. It helps to also gain the same density and color in uniform appearance. You can apply a special coating as well for added volume. However, this will not add to additional protection. Ceramic tiles are available in flat, undulating, and grooved form as they are also fireproof. This means they won’t degrade after being exposed to harsh weather conditions and high heat for long periods.


Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are made of cement mortar – which is sand, cement, and water. With just three components, you can build a sturdy tile that’s ready to use. Concrete tiles are dried in special chambers with a repeated process. It takes a little over a month for the tiles to mature as the iron oxide added a colored pigment to the process of making the concrete tiles. As durable and resistant as concrete tiles may be, they don’t have any adverse health effects and are considered as an eco-friendly material.


Metal Tiles

Metal tiles work great for any weather condition. They are able to quickly adapt to various temperatures, as metal tiles look natural and traditional. From the outside, metal tiles reveal a decorative painting while the other side works as a protective layer. These type of tiles are made with a wavy surface, scales, and more.

No matter the material of the tile, it is important to choose the best option that will keep your home protected and last longer than 20 years. Be sure to inspect the roof installation and check for any leaks or cracks. When you notice any issues with the roof, be sure to fix the problem immediately.